Taste of Two Continents

About this tour

With this tour, you will get to experience the taste of both continents of Istanbul. Visit the neighborhoods Eminönü and get to see the Old City which are in the European side and Kadıköy district which is located on the Asian side. Ride the ferry in between the two continents which meet in Istanbul and taste incredible dishes in ten different local restaurants!

See the old city with this incredibly tasty tour! Taste delicious treats and explore Eminönü’s wonders. You will get to try the local dishes and breathe in the historical air of this gorgeous district. Taking the ferry afterwards to travel to Kadıköy which is on the Asian side of Istanbul.

Taste yummy treats in Kadıköy which is the modern center of the Asian part of the city. Get to experience Turkish food in many different restaurants after the ferry ride.

Try different kinds of local foods from ten different restaurants, experience the Old City and see the heart of the Asian part of Istanbul with this incredible tour! You may want to choose this tour to experience delicious foods from all over Istanbul.