About the City

Fethiye is a well known province of Mugla city. It is located on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey, 50 Km away from Dalaman airport. Fethiye is located on the old ancient city of "Telmessos" which you can see the ruins and theatre in the town. Town is popular with tourism and its amazing nature. Population of the Fethiye is around 115,000 and gets busy at summer season.

In an legend "Telmessos" is described as the name of the son of God Apollo. He fells in love with the daughter of the King Agenor, the king of Phoenicia. He turns his self in to a small dog and gains the love of the withdrawn, shy daughter. Then appears as a handsome man and have the son named "Telmessos" which means "Land of the Lights" The city became part of the Persian Empire 547 BC. "Telmessos" joined the "Attic Delos Union" established in 5th century BC. Later city left the union and became an independent city, continued its relations with the union until the 4th century BC.
Calis Beach
There are many different places to see in Fethiye. Calis beach which is 7 km on the west side of the town is popular by holiday makers. Area is full of hotels, hostels and properties and villas for rent. Calis beach is known as the best point to see the sunset. With its long sandy beach, restaurants, bars and pubs and popular nightlife Calis beach gets more busy every year. The most interesting attraction in the area is to see the Carretta Carretta Turtles nesting. Turtles visit the beach every year to leave their eggs and people can watch the cabs come out of their eggs and leave the beach to sea  
Oludeniz is one of the most important and top visited holiday destination of Turkey. With its amazing beach, nature and the turquoise clean waters its been popular by holidaymakers for many years. Mountain called “Babadag” where paragliders take off for an unforgettable flight is in Oludeniz area. Oludeniz is 15 km away from Fethiye city center
Another important part of Fethiye is “Hisaronu”. Its a small village with full of hotels, hostels, restaurants, pubs and a colourful nightlife. Area is well know by British citizens as there are 7,000 settled British people lives here. Hisaronu is an nightlife town. Most of the bars and nightclubs of the Fethiye is situated here. Its between the pine tree forests, 3 Km from Oludeniz and 13 km from Fethiye city center.