Sunset Cruise Twilight

Tour by Luxury Yacht

About this tour

Although the whole world stares at the same sun, every sunset is unique in its own way. Take a look at the breath-taking sunset in beautiful Istanbul, notice the small movements and unique colors blend in with the city view.

Yacht Cruise
You will get to cruising both the European and Asian sides of Istanbul, observing the historical palaces, pasha mansions, famous castles and bridges while enjoying a cup of tea or a glass of wine and listening to music. 
You’ll get to experience the sunset and two kinds of twilight zones called Nautical and Astronomical twilight. You cannot capture these angles from anywhere else in Istanbul! Nautical is the second twilight phase when both horizon and the brighter stars are usually visible at the same time which creates great lights with your friends on a yacht, while taking some photos. Observe the beautiful Istanbul with different lights of the sky, and fall in love with the beauty all over again!

Relax while the beauty passes by the yacht with this tour! The sun setting over the many buildings while you enjoy the magic of the city is once in a lifetime opportunity.