About the City

Bodrum is the dreamland of those who answer as “yes” the question “Would you like to go on a holiday after work every day?”

Bodrum is an inviting, colorful crowd full of surprises, sometimes a humble wiseacre and a loose wise man, sometimes it is an alone crazy, it is freedom, love; Bodrum is Sun, sea and after all it is history… In short Bodrum is everything and everybody. Because everybody has it is own Bodrum here. Some live a modest, peaceful and quiet life, some live crazily madly. Bodrum is a White that bears all colors and also internalizes them. It rains different here and also the sun rise different and sets completely different. Wind blows different, sea smells else. Bodrum is the naughtiest, the haughtiest, the most inert, the most beautiful, the most honest and the most frank child of Nature Mother.

Today, Bodrum is one of the most important centers of trade, art and entertainment as it has been since centuries ago… This coastal town in which traditional and modern life go along hand in hand in an excellent harmony opens it arms for those who want to be acquainted with her and live her.

Bodrum has its own historic merit. Splendid sights and very interesting places that you can visit wait for you in a few hour distances around beautiful town Bodrum. You can really enjoy traditional Anatolian life in the typical villages of ancient Caria and you can visit many antique sites too.

Bodrum has been known as “Halicarnassos” during many years when it was the capital of Caria. When you visit Milas don’t miss the antique gate known as “Baltali Kapi”. It has the symbol of the Carian civilization which is the decorative relief with double axes on it. In Milas also there is a small model of Mausoleum which was one of the seven wonders of the ancient world and it is known as the “Monument of Gumuskesen”.

Nearby the Milas also you can visit the ancient city “Euromos” and “Begin Castle”. The temple in Euromus is still magnificent with its well preserved pillars. Next to Milas also there is “Iassos” ancient site where you can also enjoy your lunch in simple but authentic and clean fish restaurants. Iassos has been mentioned in one of the famous legend and still worth to visit. If you have a chance to visit Iassos you can also enjoy the wonderful panorama from there. In the ancient city “Labranda” which was the centre of oracles, traces of the holy monument “Andron” may also fascinates you.

Water of Bodrum is supplied by the spring water in Labranda. Limestone terraces of “Pamukkale” are unique near the Bodrum and it’s known as Cotton Castle in English. All terraces are created by spring water and lime deposits in 14000 years.

If you visit Bodrum in October or November, don’t miss Bargilya which is not far from Bodrum. In Bargilya you will see all the inhabitants while harvesting olives. It is a different world with its lagoon and adorable fish restaurants. This lagoon which is known as Tuzla Lake is one of the best spot for bird watchers especially because of the flamingos. Bargilya is a meeting place for the history, nature and tranquility.

Mausoleion Memorial Museum
Mausoleion, one of the 7 wonders of the world, is a must-visit museum with its ruins witnessing history.
Bodrum Antique Theater
One of the oldest theaters in Anatolia, Bodrum Antique Theatre, if you come across the legendary Bodrum view it offers, you can also attend events such as concerts and festivals held in the theater.
Bodrum Bays
If you want to enjoy the sea, Kargicak Bay is the first place you should choose and then
Çakılyalı Bay
Adabogazi Bay
Aquarium Bay
Karaincir Cove
Bag Cove
Aspat Cove
Gerenkuyu Bay
Bardakci Cove
Paradise Bay
Küçükbuk Bay
Hattat Palm Bay