Bodrum Boat Trip

About this tour

Get to see all the beautiful caves, bays and capes of Bodrum with an incredible boat trip! You will get to see the Karaada Hot Water Cave, Poyraz Aquarium Bay, the Red Cape, the Rabbit Cape and the Diver’s Cape on this boat trip.

Karaada Hot Water Cave
Karaada, literally translating as the “Black Island”, is a small island on the gulf of Bodrum. It is a well known and popular stop for boat trips! The island was under the control of the Greeks until Middle Ages! 

Poyraz Aquarium Bay
This beautiful bay has a clear and glittering sea! The sea is so clear that you will get to see the harmless fish swimming underneath you and feel one with nature! It earned the title “aquarium” because of its clear and fish-filled waters.

Red Cape
Called “Kızıl Burun” in Turkish, the Red Cape is one of the gorgeous capes of Bodrum where you will be able to observe all the different shades of blue, this cape will fill you with serenity! 

Rabbit Cape
This beautiful cape is filled with sand so you will be able to swim without feeling anxious of stones hitting your knees or feet. You will get to swim the tranquil sea that gets waves occasionally! You will have a fun time on this sandy cape! 

Diver’s Bay
People usually use Diver’s Bay for, as the name suggests, for diving and snorkeling! Feel free to dive and have fun on this bay!

On this tour, you will get to see so many different shades of blue that you will be pleasantly surprised! Feel free to swim, jump in and dive on the bays and capes. Let loose in the water and feel it relaxing you each second!