Bosphorus Cruise and

Dolmabahçe Palace Tour

About this tour

Cruise within the city and see the wonders of Istanbul from the strait that flows within. Pass by the beautiful architectural pieces that history of Istanbul was built upon. Explore Istanbul with a cruise you will never forget!

Bosphorus Cruise
The beautiful Bosphorus strait is amazing to get to see all the structures by the strait and explore Istanbul from right in the middle of it. See the many palaces by the sea, pass the Maiden Tower and play with the seagulls following the boat. This cruise will be both relaxing and informative, perfect for just about anyone looking to explore the city.

Dolmabahce Palace
Located in Beşiktaş and overlooking the Bosphorus, Dolmabahce Palace served in 19th and 20th centuries heavily. This wonderful palace was ordered to be built because the Topkapi Palace which was used prior, lacked the contemporary design, European look and luxury.  

Spice Bazaar
Being called “Mısır Çarşısı” in Turkish, which translates to “Egyptian Bazaar”, this covered market is one of the biggest bazaars in Istanbul. You can easily find all kinds of spices here as the shops mostly consist of spice sellers; there are 85 spice shops, but you can also find jewelry, dried fruits and nuts here as well as wonderful souvenirs.

Other than the marvelous beauty of the Bosphorus strait, with this tour, you will find yourself wondering why the Ottoman Empire sultans decided to build such a magnificent palace as Dolmabahçe. Many believe this palace metaphorically marks the beginning of the decline for the Ottoman Empire. But why did they build this beautiful palace when they had Topkapı Palace? Especially considering they were in decline? Find out with this tour!