About the City

Trabzon is one of the major cities of Turkey and the biggest one in the Eastern Black Sea region. Its population is over 808 thousand (2019) living on an area of 4,664 km2. Due to the rainy climate even in the summer months, it has lots of green forests and mountains with many rivers and highlands. There are major roads connecting Trabzon to other cities, a big harbor for international shipping traffic in the Black Sea, and an international airport. The city is famous for its fish, football (soccer) team, and the Sumela Monastery.

Some say that the name of the city comes from the Greek "Trapezous"; "trapezion" is the table, and the ending "-ous" means "the place which possesses/has something" (eg. Kerasous; the place that has cherries, todays Giresun). Trapezous indicates the flat hilltop in the old city, which is surrounded by the medieval wall.

Hagia Sophia (Ayasofya) : Hagia Sophia church was built in covered Greek cross plan during the reign of King Manuel I Kommenos in 13th century. / Atatürk Mansion : The mansion, which was built by a rich Greek banker named Konstantinos Kappagianidis, is a good architectural example of 19th century European houses. / Sumela Monastery ( Panagia Sumela) : Sumela Monastery is one of the most important places to visit with its nature beauty, historical and religious importance in Trabzon province.This is a Greek Orthodox Monastery that is situated on top of the Mela Mountain. / Trabzon Uzungol Lake : If you like to see all beautifull nature colors like green, blue and Brown together in a magnificent place ; Uzungol (Long Lake) is one of the best places for it.Uzungol (meaning “Long Lake”) is the 2nd most popular excursion out of Trabzon after Sumela Monastery.
Hagia Sophia Museum
The Hagia Sophia church was built in the 13th century during the reign of King Manuel I Kommenos. After the conquest of Trabzon by Fatih Sultan Mehmet, it was converted into a mosque, and after 1964 it was opened to visitors as a museum.
Ataturk Mansion
The Kiosk, which is a beautiful architectural example of 19th century European houses, is now a museum. In the museum, furniture, porcelain, carpets, etc. belonging to the late 19th and 20th centuries. 344 works of art, consisting of paintings belonging to Atatürk and Atatürk, are on display. The museum is open to visitors 7 days a week.
SUMELA Monastery
It is a Greek Orthodox Monastery located on the top of Mela Mountain. Sümela Monastery is one of the most important places to visit in Trabzon with its natural beauty, historical and religious significance.
Long Lake
The most popular activities on Uzungol Hill; The viewing terrace where you can see the unique lake view, the ponds you can visit, and the Uzungöl Dursun Ali Museum.