Romantic Dinner

About this tour

Explore the most beautiful parts of Istanbul with your partner thanks to this private tour. Cruise around the gorgeous Bosphorus strait on a luxurious yacht and see all the palaces, castles and mansions placed around the strait!

Yacht Cruise
Hop on this private yacht cruise with your partner and enjoy a romantic dinner. Istanbul is a gorgeous city and we offer tours are filled with once in a lifetime opportunities. One of the most private and luxurious tours you can take with your loved one, this cruise offers a delicious meal and incredible drinks for you two to share.
Observe all the incredible palaces left over from the Ottoman Empire period, the luxurious mansions that have glorified the strait through decades and impressive castles while you enjoy your tasty dinner.

Get to know a new culture while dining with this exclusive tour! Notice the wonders of Istanbul while dining and get historically informed while you are enjoying a delicious dinner and drinks.