Bursa City Tour

About this tour

Get to see many attractions of Bursa with this tour! See many museums of this green city, and a mosque: Ulumay Museum of Ottoman Folk Costumes and Jewelry, Bursa Museum of Turkish and Islamic Arts, Atatürk Museum, Bursa City Museum, the cable car and the Muradiye Mosque.

Uluumay Museum of Ottoman Folk Costumes and Jewelry
Serving since 2004, Uluumay Museum is a private museum that showcases 18 differing collections that were collected over 45 years. Going as far back as the 15th century, you will get to see many ottoman costumes and jewelry as well as many equipment for Turkish coffee, hammams, horsemanship, firearms, knives, swords and many more! 

Bursa Museum of Turkish and Islamic Arts
The museum is in the building of the Green Social Complex built in 1419. The building started to serve as the Museum of Turkish and Islamic Arts in the year 1975. You can observe many Ottoman and Islamic artifacts in this museum from the 12th century to the 20th century!

Atatürk’s House Museum
The Atatürk’s House Museum is a house that was built in late 19th century after Atatürk’s second visit to Bursa in January 1923 and gifted to him by the Bursa Multiplicity. Given to the multiplicity by Atatürk in 1938, the house started serving as a museum in 1973.

Bursa City Museum 
First opening its doors in 2004, Bursa City Museum is the first city museum in Turkey. The goal of the museum is to showcase approximately 7000-year-old traditional Anatolian and Ottoman artifacts’ construction and developments to visitors from all over the world. 

The Cable Car
On this cable car ride, you will get to see the wonderful views of Bursa while you climb up the glorious Uludag Mountain. Observe the green Bursa below you while you enjoy floating up the 2.500-meter-tall mountain with this remarkable cable car ride!

Muradiye Mosque
The Muradiye Mosque was built between 1583 and 1592 in the name of Murat III and it consists of a social complex, a mosque, a madrasah, an almshouse and shops. A library is located between the madrasah and the mosque built in 1812 and commissioned by Huseyin Agha, today it is used as a children’s library.

The first major capital of the Ottoman Empire, Bursa used to be referred to as “Hudavendigar”, meaning “God’s gift” in Ottoman Turkish. Discover the green gift with this tour and understand the culture and history of this magnificent city.