All In One Istanbul

Historical & Cruise Tour

About this tour

Can’t decide between a historical tour or an exciting cruise? This tour makes it so that you don’t have to pick one! Understand the elements that make Istanbul, Istanbul! This is a tour you will want to go on multiple times.

Topkapi Palace
A palace that turned into a museum, and it covers approximately 300.000 square meters of ground! Walking around the magical halls and particularly designed gardens of this palace, you will feel like a sultan in the Ottoman Empire’s most successful time period.

Hagia Sophia
Since the 6th century when it was built under the orders of Byzantine emperor Justinian I, Hagia Sophia was used as a center of religious life for the Byzantines, as well as being a hub for the artistic, political and social life. Now used as a mosque, Hagia Sophia is on UNESCO’s World Heritage List and has been called the 8th Wonder of the World by many historians. 

Blue Mosque
Built between 1609 and 1616 by the orders of Ahmed I, Sultan Ahmed Mosque, also called Blue Mosque is one of the most popular tourist attractions of Istanbul. Being used actively as a mosque currently, you can observe people flooding into the Blue Mosque five times a day, for the prayers.

Hippodrome Square
Used as a hippodrome during the Byzantium times, you can see the Egyptian Obelisk, the German Fountain, the Serpentine Column, the Column of Constantine, the Colossus and so many other artifacts left behind from the times where this square was used as an entertainment and sports center.

Bosphorus Cruise
A blue sky and the blue Bosphorus strait, in the middle, some unforgettable structures you will daydream about for the rest of your life. This cruise will make you understand the importance of Istanbul, and all the wars that occurred to conquer it.

Spice Bazaar
The Spice Bazaar is the perfect spot to try all the spices used in the rich Turkish kitchen, nuts and dried fruits, Turkish delight any many more! A must-visit for foodies who want to take a bit of Turkish taste back home.

There are so many places to see in Istanbul, and so many types of tours… We understand it’s very challenging to choose one tour, so we combined two into one package! All In One Istanbul Historical & Cruise Tour is an Istanbul essentials tour, combined with a cruise so you understand why all these civilizations fought over this city; it’s nearly impossible to grasp the reason, until you cruise!