Imperial Tour

About this tour

Get to discover all the hotspots of Istanbul with this magnificent tour, see the Old City and get to learn about the history of Istanbul and the civilizations that have lived in this precious land! See the landmarks from the Ottoman Empire and civilizations from before.

Hagia Sophia
With its formal name being Holy Hagia Sophia Grand Mosque and formerly known as Church of Hagia Sophia, this wonderful spiritual center was built in 537. After Constantinople was lost to the Ottoman Empire, it was converted into a mosque and in 1935 it was converted into a museum, only to be turned into a mosque again recently in 2020.

Blue Mosque
Sultanahmed Mosque is commonly referred to as Blue Mosque because of the many blue İznik tiles that surround the interior. This huge mosque is an incredible touristic attraction!

Hippodrome Square 
Sultanahmed Square is commonly referred to as Hippodrome Square because of its rich history as a sporting center and a social hub in the Constantinople, which was the capital of the Byzantine Empire.

Grand Bazaar
Grand Bazaar is the oldest and the largest covered marketplace in the world. It has more almost 4000 shops showcasing collections of handmade carpets, jewelry, leather goods and souvenirs. 

This tour offers the chance to explore and learn about the incredible wonders of Istanbul with its rich history and incredible scenery. This tour offers it all!