Cappadocia Red Tour

About this tour

Get to visit the Uchisar Castle, Goreme Open Air Museum, Pasabag, Avanos pottery factory, Devrent Valley, Urgup fairy chimneys and a cooperative carpet factory.

Uchisar Castle
Uchisar is the largest and most glorious fairy chimney in Cappadocia. On the the top of the castle, there are various carvings. The castle is the only place where you can observe the Erciyes and Hasan mountains.  

Goreme Open Air Museum
Goreme Open Air Museum is accepted as the place where the monastery education system has begun. Within the museum, there are Boys and Girls Monestary, St Basit Church, Elmali Church, St Barbara Church, Yilanli Church, Pantokrator Church, Malta Church, Saintess Catherine Church, Dark Church and Tokali Church.

Pasabag / Monks’ Valley
One of the best activities to participate in in Monks’ Valley is walking around the fairy chimneys and enjoying the unique beauty. It was used as a hermitage by monks at the time and there are many monasteries, churches and chapels carved into rocks in the valley.

Avanos Pottery Factory
Get to visit a local pottery factory and see how various pottery is made. Check out this place and learn about the art of pottery here.

Devrent Valley
In Devrent Valley, you will get to observe many different rock formations. The small fairy chimneys in the valley form a lunar landscape with their appearance, as well as many animal shaped rocks. Most commonly seen animal shapes are snakes, dolphins and camels.

Urgup Fairy Chimneys
See the Urgup Fairy Chimneys with hot air balloons covering the sky in rainbow colors! See the beautiful rock formations here with this tour.

Cooperative Carpet Factory
See the cooperative carpet factory and see how the famous Anatolian carpets are made! Understand the innerworkings of this art form that takes a long time and it is done meticulously!

This tour is perfect for observing the fairy chimneys and the beautiful texture of the town. Get to see a museum and factories, as well as a beautiful valley alongside the mesmerizing fairy chimneys.