Bosphorus Dinner Cruise

About this tour

This tour entails traditional Turkish celebration methods as well as a delicious dinner touring the Bosphorus strait on a boat. Celebrate like a Turk with henna night celebration, belly dancers, local dances and Caucasian culture dances.

Boat Ride
With this tour, you will eat a delicious dinner while getting familiar with classical Turkish celebration methods! Observe all the fantastic sights on the Bosphorus shore while enjoying your dinner with drinks and follow up on this yummy experience with various dance performances and classical Turkish henna night celebration, which is similar to a traditional bachelorette’s party! See exotic belly dancers and participate in local dances and Caucasian dances.

This tour will enable you to learn about Turkish celebration methods and dances while having fun! Dinner and drinks add a special spark to the beauty of this tour alongside the incredible view! Join in on the fun with this tour!