Cappadocia Horse Riding Tour

About this tour

Have you ever seen an Akhal Teke horse? Said to be one of the most beautiful horse breeds, these shimmering light golden horses are simply glorious! Get to visit an Akhal Teke horse farm and ride these unbelievable horses. You will enjoy your time with these regal horses so much that you will never want this tour to end!

Get to visit the Kizilirmak River, also called Halys River and its name literally translating to the “Red River”, it is the longest river in Turkey. Also used as a source of hydroelectric power, you will get to see the incredible beauty of the river that seems to never end!

This tour is a perfect addition to any holiday plans to Cappadocia you may have! Get to ride on a glorious horse and have fun while seeing the beautiful horse farm. These horses are a special breed called Akhal Teke and they are known internationally for their beauty.