Prince's Island Tour

About this tour

Explore Büyükada, the largest of The Prince’s Islands, on this 7-hour excursion. Cruise across the Sea of Marmara, watching the sight of Istanbul slip out of view. You will be visiting the largest island of Marmara Sea, which is Büyükada. This tour is great to take a breather between your busy schedule.

Dock in Büyükada and then take a stroll through the streets, soaking up the laid-back atmosphere of island life. Get to know about the island’s history, and about its time as a place of exile for banished statesmen and royalty, and of its life as a monastic settlement for Christians. Pass lovely wooden mansions that are stunning examples of the island’s late Ottoman-era architecture, and look out over the sparkling sea. Seagulls are everywhere in Büyükada, and if you’d like to feed them you can get Turkish “simit” (bagel with sesame seeds) so you can toss them a treat! 

Get to know a new culture while dining with this exclusive tour! Notice the wonders of Istanbul while dining and get historically informed while you are enjoying a delicious dinner and drinks.